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Sunday, February 26, 2012


BRITTA IS CONTINUING THE WORK.. READ ABOUT IT IN HER OWN BLOG: www.brittareser.blogspot.com BRITTA FORTSÄTTER ARBETET MED KVINNOR OCH FLICKOR I BHIL BASTI Och nu kommer Frida, filmare, tillbaka för att göra de sista kompletteringarna till filmen om arbetet i byn. Följ detta i bloggen:http://www.brittareser.blogspot.com Själv förbereder jag resan till utställning i Östersund med vernissage på Ahlbergshallen den 3 mars. Hälsningar Elsa

Friday, February 24, 2012

Fibertiger: Med nål och tråd mot en bättre värld

OBS, Detta skrevs under utställningstiden nov 2011-jan 2012, Så utställningen är nu ett minne blott. Tack till min vän Henriette som skrev. / Elsa This was written during the time for the exhibition. Nov 2011- Jan 2012. So now it´s just a memory.Thanks to my friend Henriette who wrote it./Elsa Fibertiger: Med nål och tråd mot en bättre värld: Det handlar förstås om  Elsa Agéliis utställning som just nu visas på Steneby konsthall i Dals Långed. Jag lyckades ta mig dit på vern...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lots are happening

On Sunday I've the two girl groups who has again been given the task to make pictures on using water. The last before was about the desertfestival and their dreams of future. Then Kulvinder and I will plan for an exhibition in the village. Their relatives need to see what they make. SKSS will have som visitors on thuesday and that makes it suitable to show them also. Kulvinder found a teacher in sewing to teach women. Much better than if I do that. We have been to see a school secretary who has promised to find 2 teachers to do reading and calculating with women and girls during their holiday in April and March

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

W-O-R-L-D - E-M-B-R-O-I-D-E-R-Y - D-A-Y

Now I´m back home at my own computor and I will at least start to tell about our latest great effort. The 9 meters long banner for the World Embroidery Day. 4 groups of women of 10 persons each has composed the designs and embroideried them within the 18 letters. It will announce this celebration of embroidery all around the world. This year it will be on the 30 of JULY in a big Magazine in the most south peninsula of Sweden, Smygehuk. And Mahila aur Pani Embroidery Club will contribute by this giant work.
The women discussed different subjects for their joint work. It could be animals in the village; Women´s and men´s work/ boy´s and girl´s what do they do; About trees in our village.They got paper and coal for drawing.
Marriage,(this subject created many designs);The drawings were copied on cloth big as towels by me.and then they coosed yarn and took each her part for embroider.
Here is one of four letters about animals in the village...
and a detail...
About men and women: the father is a drinker, The mother tries to save the son from following him, and a neighbour woman tries to help. There are also pictures of the men´s habit to smoke...
Devi with the completed embroidery.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

MY PERIOD IN INDIA IS SOON OVER. AND I GIVE UP TO TRY TO BLOG FROM HERE! THIS TIME IT HAS BEEN MANY DIFFICULTIES with computers and electricity.. So I prefer to write from home about WORLD EMBROIDERY DAY and Girls schooling and a Club forBoys 13- 18.And more... And now Britta will continue with the girl,s embroidery school.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


COOPERATIVE EMBROIDERIES-AND MORE... AFTER A LONG BREAK... including 3 weeks vacation in Kerala,about this I will write another time. Just now two only pictures: